CVMR Corporation, Ore2Metal Inc. and AGL Mining Engineering Ltd. have signed an agreement to create a major vertically integrated mining and refining combined operation that is vertically integrated to create a unique system that is completely environmentally neutral from the mining, beneficiation, refining and reclamation of approximately 36 different metals, including Transition Metals and Rare Earth Elements (REE) from various laterite and sulphide ore bodies, tailings or low-grade deposits.

For the first time in the history of metals mining and refining, such a comprehensive system has been established that enables environmentally sound, sustainable mining and recovery of old tailings and refining of low-grade sulphide and lateritic mineral resources. This is an advanced integrated mining application, mineral concentration (beneficiation) and refining of all Critical Metals by steam metallurgy and more. This collaboration has established ventures in the US, Canada, EU and Turkey that offer environmentally neutral mining and refining processes with zero hazardous waste from mining to high purity metal production. The companies were brought together to create this unique approach to mining and refining under the CVMR umbrella, each with its own specific expertise. 

Their combined proprietary processes and technologies are applied to sulfide and laterite mines, low-grade marginal ores and legacy mineral tailings. “This is a low-cost environmentally friendly strategic initiative that leverages unconventional resources to close the current large gaps in demand for various metals,” said Kamran M. Khozan, Chairman and CEO of the CVMR group of companies, in an interview quoted in the press release. 

“Through our technological collaboration, we will finally be able to utilize a variety of marginal resources and legacy wastes that are currently considered uneconomic. This will be an important step in reducing uncertainty over the future supply of metals critical to the emerging green economy.”

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